12.5%-26% Entry Bonus

If you are thinking of investing over periods of 5 years or 10 years, then you should most definately consider using our advisor portal, because you will get between 12.5% and 26% bonus from day one on your investment.

Invest in the top portfolios and even on platforms of the top investment companies.

  • You decide to invest R1 000 0000 over a period of 10 years.
  • You instantly get at least R125 000 ADDED to your investment. This amount is even guaranteed to grow with 6% per annum.
  • Your investment amount will be invested in your selected funds from the best performing choices in the market.

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See Example:

        Increase your investment





















       Selected fund

Discovery Balanced


       Comparative LISP annual dministration        fee percentage  (including VAT)*



       Lump sum contribution amount

R1 000 000


       LIFE PLAN



      *Certain LISPs will reduce their annual administration fees for specific funds due to the fund manager providing a fee

       rebate. Enter a comparative LISP platform fee after deducting the fund rebate.

       For funds where this Investment platform receives a rebate these rebates are automatically included in

       the growth of the fund.


       This valuator uses actual historical 5 year return data for the chosen fund up to:

Wednesday, July 31, 2013




        Upfront Investment details





      Upfront Investment (percentage)



      Upfront Investment (Rand value at inception)

R125 000


      Upfront Investment payout after 5 years

R83 639


      Upfront Investment payout after 10 years

R111 928






       Five year back tested results based on actual historical fund returns







Recommended Investment Plan

Normal LISP Platform


       Investment value after five years including half of the        

       Upfront  Investment

R1 671 651

R1 576 772


       Upfront Investment to be paid

R83 639




R1 755 290

R1 576 772






       Rand value difference between the Plan and the external LISP platform

R178 519