Millions in the bank or business sold, what to do with your investment?

The answer is, it depends on your needs. Before the money burn and all opportunities smile for you, you need to take a sunday afternoon step back and plan.

  • Plan for short, medium and long term.
  • Plan for when things do not work out with one investment.
  • Plan for cashflow, budget.

We have talked about the various avenues of investing, and it is important to know that within those choices, there are different structures.

Let's talk about inveting in listed shares first.

As we know, the word means you own a part of a business or units of businesses and other investments like listed property.

  1. You can take your money direct to stock exchage,
  2. You can give it to a fund manager,
  3. You can give it to a fund manager through a platform which switch your investments between fund managers fast and with ease and at almost no cost,
  4. You can place it on a LISP platform in unit trusts.

Like with any business, the manager makes a great impack on your investment. It takes a good ear on the ground to choose the correct one.

In our next descussion we will continue the outlook of investing.